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Raymond B , Templeogue

I have been attending the clinic for the last 7 years. At every appointment I received a very friendly service, and I was delighted by the highest standards of professionalism by Dr. Traian and Dr. X and the Orthodontist team.

I recently had a problem with my lower left wisdom tooth which had become infected and very painful. At the initial consultation, it was decided to put me on a course of antibiotics for a few days before extracting the tooth as a precaution against the infection spreading elsewhere during the extraction. I was nervous about the extraction, but the team made sure I was fully anesthetized and comfortable. Dr. Traian was able to cut the tooth in half before extracting it and it was out within 3 minutes.

I cannot recommend this clinic enough for their professionalism and friendly service. They have always made every effort to accommodate me and find a slot in the schedule if I had a dental problem.

Camillus Glover

I first attended D1 dental in 2010 when a friend recommended me for root canal treatment work I need done. The prices quoted were 50% less than my normal dentist rates which definitely put a smile on my face. I am still a customer because of the quality of service from Triain and his team. I now have two 4 tooth bridges in my upper teeth which look perfect and appreciate the out of hours support they gave me when I had an abyss problem a number of years ago. I can’t recommend them highly enough

Patricia Phelan

As someone with a pathological fear of dental work I avoided dentists like the plague, however, a badly cracked and painful tooth brought me to the door of D1 Dental and I can honestly say it was a life changing experience.  Dr Traian Smarandache was recommended to me as an exceptional dentist as well as somebody with a calming, patient-focused manner.  I can honestly say that he is all of this and more and I cannot recommend him highly enough.  I have been back to D1 Dental many times since that first visit and I have never experienced any pain whatsoever in the many procedures I have had since first attending this clinic.  Over the last few years I have had root canals, extensive bridge work and several fillings, all completely painless and easy.  I never would have thought that possible.  Dr Smarandache is a genius and a genuine, caring man who puts everyone at ease.  I should also say that compared to other practices prices here are highly competitive, however for me, the care, attention and pain free procedures at D1 dental have put a smile on my face and helped me overcome a lifelong fear.

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